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Flight Review: Alitalia A330 Business Class Johannesburg to Rome

Alitalia Business Class Review – Johannesburg to Rome, here are all the details:

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On the 3rd of January, I had one of the best flights I have ever had in Business Class – a flight with Alitalia from Johannesburg to Rome with their A330 “Magnifica Class”.
The red-eye flight was 09:45 hours long with a non-stop service on-board.
All the premium cabins were fully booked (Premium Economy and Business class).

In this flight, I chose the 5J seat which is an aisle facing seat in the last row.

Pre Flight Experience

Before taking off I enjoyed the pre-flight experience of Alitalia:

  • Designated priority check-in counters – in Johannesburg airport there were a few counters to economy class check-in and two counters to Business class passengers and SkyTeam elite plus members
  • SLOW” lounge in Johannesburg airport
  • Priority boarding

Flight Cabins

The aircraft itself is configured with three types of classes:

  • Business – 20 seats (1-2-1 configuration)
  • Premium Economy – 17 seats (2-3-2 configuration)
  • Economy – 219 seats (2-4-2 configuration)

Services and Amenities on Board

Right after I board the flight I was served with a welcome drink I chose from a variety that was offered by the purser and a hot towel for refreshment.
Right after the take-off, service was started with a wide range of options which were offered:

Wi-Fi on Board

Alitalia’s A330 serves Wi-Fi onboard for a fee. With an online website, any passenger onboard may purchase one or more of the packages that are offered (10MB, 50MB, 100MB or 200MB).

In addition to the paid packages, Alitalia offers a free Wi-Fi voucher to the premium cabin passengers:

  • Business Class – 50MB
  • Premium Economy Class – 10MB

Amenity Kit

Alitalia flights are equipped with amenity kits that are designated for the premium cabin passengers and with a small exception: Amenity kit for children in all flight classes!

In addition to all of the services mentioned above, Alitalia offers more services like newspapers, duty-free, noise-canceling headsets, and even more…

Food and Beverages

Alitalia has one of my favorite catering on-board with a wide variety of dishes. During the flight two menus were offered:

  • Wine Menu – Includes a wide variety of red and white wines
  • Food and Beverages Menu – Includes cocktails, soft drinks, and a wide range of dishes that you can pair with the perfect wines!
    * Each course has two options which one of them is considered the healthier choice.


With the first time taking the Alitalia’s A330 business class I have a magnificent impression: A true Comfort on-board, lovely service, great food and luxurious amenities on board.
This flight was by far one of the most surprising flights I have ever had! It is for sure worth a try.

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