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Turkish Airlines to launch low-cost brand in Israel

Prices of flights under the Anadolu Jet low-cost brand will be 10% lower than regular Turkish Airlines flights.

Turkish Airlines is bringing Anadolu Jet, its low-cost brand used for flights from Sabiha Airport, the smallest airport in Istanbul, to Israel. Anadolu Jet will operate one daily flight from Tel Aviv to Istanbul.

Turkish Airlines recently announced that Anadolu Jet would operate all of its flights on international routes from Sabiha. Anadolu Jet, founded in 2008, has flown over 100 million passengers. The airline flies to 28 international destinations in 16 countries. Its airliners contain only tourist class seats, and it is priced as a low-cost airline.

A new huge airport was opened in Istanbul six months ago, replacing Ataturk Airport, the old airport, and is now Turkish Airlines’ hub, while the company transferred its cargo business to Ataturk Airport.

Anadolu Jet will commence its daily flights on routes from Tel Aviv in March. The low-cost airline flights to Sabiha are expected to be 10% cheaper than Turkish Airlines’ flights to the main airport in Istanbul.

Turkish Airlines operates 10 daily flights from Ben Gurion Airport to Istanbul. Many of its passengers switch to continuation flights in Istanbul to other destinations. The airline recently terminated its daily flight to Izmir.

Turkish Airlines says that it flew 1.171 passengers to and from Israel in 2019, 8% more than in the preceding year, making it the fourth busiest airline in Israel, behind El Al Airlines and two low-cost airlines. Turkish Airlines flew 85,600 passengers in January 2020, 18% more than in January 2019.

Source: Globes News

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