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Coronavirus Outbreak: Qantas Group Response


The Qantas Group has announced further cuts to its international flying, reducing capacity by almost a quarter for the next six months.

The latest cuts follow the spread of the Coronavirus into Europe and North America over the past fortnight, as well as its continued spread through Asia, which has resulted in a sudden and significant drop in forwarding travel demand.

These additional changes will bring the total international capacity reduction for Qantas and Jetstar from 5 percent to 23 percent versus the same time last year and extend these cuts until mid-September 2020.

Summary of Qantas Group Network Changes

RouteChangeEffective dates
Sydney-Tokyo (Haneda)B747 replaced by smaller A330March 30
Melbourne-Singapore– 7 return flights per week cancelled
– B787 replaced by larger A330 on 7 return flights per week
– April 20
– May 04
Brisbane-ChicagoRoute launch postponed
Brisbane-San FranciscoRoute suspended (3 return flights per week)April 18
Sydney-San FranciscoB787 replaced by larger B747April 18
Melbourne-San FranciscoRoute suspended (4 return flights per week)April 18
Sydney-Dallas/Fort WorthA380 replaced by smaller B787April 20
Melbourne-Los AngelesA380 replaced by smaller B787June 01
Sydney-VancouverSeasonal service suspended (3 return flights per week)June – July
Sydney-London (Heathrow)– Flights to operate via Perth
– A380 replaced by smaller B787
April 20
Sydney-SantiagoDelaying planned B787 introduction and continuing with B747August 01

Jetstar Airways – Summary of New Changes

RoutesChangeEffective date
Melbourne-BangkokRoute suspendedMay 01
Sydney/Melbourne-Ho Chi MinhFlights reduced by over 50 per centMay 01
Japan routesFlights reduced by almost 40 per centMay 20
Brisbane-BaliMinor flight reductionsMay 01

Jetstar Airlines in Asia – Summary of changes

Jetstar Asia (based in Singapore) will cut capacity by almost 40 percent with reductions in frequencies across the network. Singapore to Taipei and Osaka routes will be suspended.

Jetstar Japan has suspended its international services to Hong Kong, Taipei, and Shanghai until at least the end of May and will reduce flights to Manila. Further reductions will be made to its Japanese domestic network.

Jetstar Pacific (based in Vietnam) has also suspended all international routes to the end of April, with the exception of Ho Chi Minh-Bangkok where flights have been halved. Further reductions are being made to its Vietnamese domestic network.

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